Human Trafficking Continuing Education Requirement

All Licensees,

During the current renewal period 2015-2017, all licensees, including licensees exempted from having to complete continuing education pursuant to OAC 4713-21-03 (G), are required to complete a one (1) hour continuing education (CE) training course on human trafficking.  This course must be completed by January 31, 2017. In effort to support our licensees, the Board is working on the development of a one (1) hour human trafficking training course that will be provided free of charge. The Board is hoping to have this course available on our website: in April.  Additionally, many continuing education providers have expressed interest in providing Human Trafficking training and the Board regularly reviews and approves these offering.  Approved Human Trafficking training taken independently or as part of an approved course offering is accepted.

A current list of approved CE classes that include Human Trafficking training is available.  Click HERE