Photosensitivity Warning

Photosensitivity is an increased sensitivity or abnormal response of the skin to sunlight or artificial light. In particular, both UVA radiation and UVB radiation have been observed to trigger unusual reactions of the skin in people with certain disorders or those who are taking particular medications.

To view a photosensitivity report on specific medications please visit:


"Tanning facility" means any premises, building, or part of a building that contains one or more rooms or booths with any of the following:

 (A) Equipment or beds used for tanning human skin by the use of fluorescent sun lamps using ultraviolet or other artificial radiation;
 (B) Equipment or booths that use chemicals applied to human skin , including chemical applications commonly referred to as spray-on, mist-on, or sunless tans;
 (C) Equipment or beds that use visible light for cosmetic purposes.

 If your business offers tanning services as described above, you are required to obtain a Tanning Facility Permit.

Tanning Facilities Forms