All Continuing Education Classes Expired January 15, 2019

Continuing Education Hours were required to be completed by midnight of January 15, 2019.   Additionally, all CE classes expired on January 15, 2019; therefore CE classes will NOT be available between January, 16 – January, 31, 2019.

New CE classes will be available beginning February 1, 2019.  Once CE classes become available, you will be able to take the required CE hours and complete the renewal application process. 

A license renewed after midnight of January 31, 2019 will have an additional fee. 

NOTE:  Completion of CE hours is a required condition of renewal for an Active license.

Licensees are required to “Attest” to the completion of the CE hours when completing the renewal application.  Falsely attesting to the completion of continuing education hours on the renewal application may result in disciplinary action against their license.