Beginning August 1, 2019 examinations will be offered in ENGLISH ONLY.  The Board will no longer offer examination in Vietnamese or Spanish after this date.

All applications for examination must be made through the online portal at
Once an examination application has been submitted and approval completed by the Board, an email will be sent to the applicant indicating they are Eligible to Schedule an examination. 
All examination notices will be sent to the applicant via email correspondence.  
For examination questions, please contact the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board at (614) 466-3834.


To obtain Guidance Documents or Watch Video Tutorials for the New eLicense System: CLICK HERE
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Examination Reschedule Information
Examination Information
Notice of cancellation of a scheduled examination MUST be emailed to Cancellation by phone or voice message will not be accepted. Applicants who fail to attend their scheduled examination date without sending a cancellation email are required to pay the reschedule fee in order to receive a new examination date.
The reschedule fees are: 

Practical/Theory/Advanced $90.00         Practical/Theory $45.00          Advanced Only $45.00

Work Permit Policy

Applicants scheduling for an examination will only be issued one (1) Work Permit.  The work permit will expire on the date of the originally scheduled examination. Rescheduling of an examination date does not extend the date of work permit.  Applicant is only eligible for one (1) work permit.

No communication between applicants during examination     (OAC 4713-7-02)

Each examinee shall be assigned an individual workstation. The examinees shall not communicate with other examinees during the examination and they shall not have any written material, unless provided by the board. Pagers, mobile devices, or other electronic devices are prohibited within the examination area with the exception of calculators, which may be furnished by the board. An applicant found violating any rule or participating in any other type of misconduct shall be dismissed and the applicant shall automatically fail the examination.

Testing Information Packets
Cosmetology Instructor and Branch of Cosmetology Instructor
Beginning July 16, 2018 all applicants for an Instructor license will be required to
take and pass the Instructor Theory Examination prior to being issued a license.



The following instructional forms and videos will help guide you through the new eLicense system.


​​​How to Create an Account in eLicense Ohio

​​​How to Schedule for an Examination in eLicense Ohio

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