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Business Licenses & Permits



Pet Exemption Application

Required Documents:

  • A photograph of the pet.
  • A copy of general liability or an equivalent insurance policy which contains sufficient coverage for any action taken by the animal identified in this application.
  • Official Vaccine Record OR Notarized Veterinarian Affidavit
  • Notarized Pet Owner Affidavit

NOTE: Any pet granted an exemption under this rule will be required to be kept away from the immediate area where services are being performed.

Completed Applications & Documents can be emailed to ed.highley@cos.ohio.gov



Photosensitivity is an increased sensitivity or abnormal response of the skin to sunlight or artificial light. In particular, both UVA radiation and UVB radiation have been observed to trigger unusual reactions of the skin in people with certain disorders or those who are taking particular medications.

To view a photosensitivity report on specific medications please visit:


"Tanning facility" means any premises, building, or part of a building that contains one or more rooms or booths with any of the following:

(A) Equipment or beds used for tanning human skin by the use of fluorescent sun lamps using ultraviolet or other artificial radiation;

(B) Equipment or booths that use chemicals applied to human skin , including chemical applications commonly referred to as spray-on, mist-on, or sunless tans;

(C) Equipment or beds that use visible light for cosmetic purposes.

 If your business offers tanning services as described above, you are required to obtain a Tanning Facility Permit.

eLicense Tips & Answers

  • How do I change the name or ownership of my salon or barbershop?
    • You must complete and submit a new License Application through the E-License portal
  • Can a Salon or Barbershop be dually licensed to provide other services?
    • Yes. A salon or barbershop can hold multiple licenses. 
  • What should I do if I want to make a change to the salon or barbershop?
    • If you are seeking to provide additional services, contact the Board office to determine licensing requirements.
  • When is an Independent Contractor's license necessary?
    • An Independent Contractor’s license is required if you are renting or leasing space in a salon. An application must be submitted through the eLicense system.
  • When is a Chair Rental license required?
    • A chair rental license is only necessary if the barber is leasing space AND engages in the practice of barbering independent and free from the supervision of the owner or manager of the shop.
  • What is the Board's jurisdiction in a salon or barbershop?
    • The Board may only enforce Chapters 4709 & 4713 of the Ohio Revised Code and Administrative Code.
  • Where do inspection control standards need to be posted?
    • The infection control standards need to be posted in a public and conspicuous place.
  • Do disinfected clippers/trimmers need to be in a closed area?
    • The clippers/trimmers do not need to be in a closed area, but if the equipment becomes contaminated before it is used again it will be need to be disinfected.
  • Can a wet disinfectant container be at a station?
    • Yes, a wet disinfectant container may be at a station. 
  • During an inspection, do I need my practicing license or is my driver's license sufficient?
    • A practicing license and a current government issued identification are required to be presented.
  • If a pedicure bowl uses a liner, does the bowl still need to be disinfected after each use?
    • Yes
  • Can a station be inspected if the licensee is not working?
    • Yes, if a licensee is not present the station can still be inspected.
  • Can a cosmetology salon have a barber pole?
    • It is prohibited to display a barber pole unless the facility holds a barbershop license and barber services are being offered by a licensed barber.
  • How can dip powder nail polish be used without spreading bacteria?
    • All powder shall be dispensed from a shaker or similar container and shall be applied with a single-use, disposable item.
  • Can a customer bring their dog into a business?
    • Only service animals would be permitted.
  • Can a cosmetologist offer microneedling?
    • No, microneedling does not fall within the scope of practice of the cosmetology and barber board.
  • Can alcoholic beverages be provided to in a salon/shop?
    • Contact the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control at liqr@com.state.oh.us
  • Where can an individual get a tanning certification?
    • There is a list of providers on the Board's website under the Getting Licensed Tab, then the Businesses Licenses & Permits, then Tanning Information tab.
  • Is a tanning facility required to have a Certified Operator on duty?
    • Each tanning facility offering sunlamp product services shall have a certified operator on duty at all times to instruct and assist the public in the proper operation and use of the sunlamp product.
  • Can a Tanning Facility be combined with another type of facility or business?
    • Yes. A tanning facility may be combined with just about any other type of business. See Rules and Regulations for specific requirements.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning the tanning beds/booths?
    • The tanning operator is responsible for ensuring each tanning bed/booth has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to each new customer. 
  • Can a clean towel be left on a disinfected tanning bed?
    • Yes, a clean towel may be left on a disinfected tanning bed.
  • Are spray-on, mist-on, or sunless tanning services need to be a permitted tanning facility?
    • Yes, a tanning permit is required to offer chemical tanning.
  • When are lamp compatibility sheets necessary?
    • When a certified compatible lamp is used, the facility shall produce copies of the lamp compatibility sheets upon inspection. 
  • Does the customer's completed skin type form need to be retained?
    • Yes, A record of each individual's skin type, the date the determination was made, and the certified operator who made the skin type determination.
  • How often will a tanning facility be inspected?
    • Tanning facilities shall be inspected at least once every two years.
  • What information needs to be posted in a tanning facility?
    • The Infection Control Standards, the Photosensitive Safety Warning Form and the 800 complaint line placard.