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Individual Licenses & Permits

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You are required to hold an Independent Contractor license if you are NOT an employee of a salon or barbershop but practice cosmetology, a branch of cosmetology, or barbering in a salon or barbershop. 

Any licensed barber who leases space in a licensed barber shop and engages in the practice of barbering independent and free from supervision of the owner or manager of the barber shop is considered to be engaged in the operation of a separate and distinct barber shop and shall obtain a license to operate a barber shop pursuant to this section.

An "employee" is an individual who practices cosmetology, a branch of cosmetology, barbering, or who works in a tanning facility in exchange for compensation and is controlled and directed by an employer.

An "employer" is a person who controls and directs the services provided by one or more employees. An employer is responsible for withholding tax from the salary or compensation of the employees.

OAC 4713-13-02 
The board shall hold independent contractors, including individuals holding individual barber shop licenses as required by division (C) of section 4709.09 of the Revised Code, and salon or barber shop owners responsible for compliance with all board statutes and rules as follows:

  1. The salon or barber shop owner is responsible for all common areas;
  2. Independent contractors are equally responsible for common areas when present; and
  3. Where the salon or barber shop has individual locked work areas, each independent contractor having the authority to use the individual work area shall be available or shall have an authorized representative be available to open the locked work area within an hour of the arrival of a board inspector for an inspection or investigation.



A Temporary Events Salon License (TESL) is required to be obtained to provide events at a location other than a licensed facility if one or both of the following apply:

  1. Those who derive more than 50% of income from temporary events or spend more than 50% of their working time on temporary events
  2. Those who are not regularly practicing in a salon or barber shop. 

If the Temporary Event Salon License (TESL) is associated with a licensed facility a TESL is NOT required.

A Temporary Event Salon license is valid until the expiration date printed on the license and is valid for the premise where the event is held.

The salon premise(s) for the temporary event must meet the conditions for a salon license under 4713.41 of the Ohio Revised Code.   

All event locations must be reported to the board prior to the event by submitting the Temporary Event Location Change Form.

Event Types are:

  1. On Location Bridal Prep
  2. Charity Event
  3. Bridal Show
  4. Homebound (Private Residence)
  5. On Location Spa Event
  6. Hospital
  7. Care/Health Facility (without a Salon)
  8. Other (Must Specify)

NOTE: Temporary Event Salon License must be available at each event.

eLicense Tips & Answers

  • How do I reset my password?
    • Go to Elicense.ohio.gov click on Login/Create Account then select Forgot password.
  • How do I update or change my name?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system, go to your DASHBOARD click on options and select Change Name.
  • How do I change or update my address?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system, go to your DASHBOARD click on options and select Change Address.
  • How do I update my email address?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system and click on Update Email at the top of the page.
  • I am moving to Ohio, how do I obtain an Ohio license?
  • How do I transfer my license to another state?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system, go to your DASHBOARD click on options and select License Verification.  
  • I am an active barber in another state or country, can I cut hair in Ohio with that license?
    • No, You will need to obtain an Ohio barber license in order to practice barbering in Ohio.
  • How do I pay fees in the E-license system if I do not have a credit or debit card or do not used credit or debit cards online?
    • The E-License system will accept pre-paid debit cards (e.g. pre-paid Discover, MasterCard or Visa debit cards), which can be purchased at a local grocery or department store (e.g. Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart, etc.). You will only need to "load" the card with the amount needed to complete the transaction. Using a pre-paid card will not associate with your personal banking or credit card accounts.
  • What is the purpose of an Advanced License?
    • An Advanced license is required to obtain an Instructor’s license. 
  • I'm a cosmetologist; how can I obtain a barber license?
    • If you hold a current active Ohio cosmetologist license, you will need to complete the 1000-hour barber program in an Ohio licensed barber school. After completing the program, you will need to successfully pass the Ohio barber license exam.
  • I have completed my barber teacher training; how do I apply for the barber teacher license and examination?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system, go to your DASHBOARD click on Apply For a New License and follow those instructions.  
  • I placed my license in Inactive/Escrowed status and did not receive a license in the mail.
    • You cannot work on an Inactive/Escrowed license.  Therefore, a printed license is not generated. 
  • How do I regenerate an electronic license for cosmetology, a branch of cosmetology, independent contractor, or boutique registration?
    • Go to your Elicense Dashboard
    • Select Options on your license tile 
      Options Menu
    • Select Generate Card from the list
      Generate Card Button
    • This will produce a copy of  your electronic license
    • You can download the license to a phone, computer, or print
  • I lost my barber license, how do I get a duplicate?
    • You need to log in to the eLicense system, go to your DASHBOARD click on options and select Duplicate Wall Certificate.  
  • I lost my duplicate barber license, how do I get another one?
    • You are only permitted to obtain one duplicate license within the renewal period.