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Military Members & Spouses

As an Active Duty Military Member or the spouse of an Active Duty Military member you may transfer your license to practice any branch of cosmetology licensed in Ohio by completing the form on the right of this page. Please review the information in order to prevent any delay in processing your application. If you have any questions please contact Sue Gatwood at 614-728-0354 or by email: sue.gatwood@cos.ohio.gov

Overview of the Form


FEE: Not Applicable

In order to transfer an out of state license as an Active Duty Military member or the spouse of an Active Duty Military member (as defined in OAC 4713-01-01) of the United States Armed Forces, you will need to submit the following information:

  • Board certification from the state or territory of the United States in which currently licensed. All board certifications must be received directly from a state board; certifications will not be accepted directly from an applicant. Only certifications received within six (6) months of preparation date will be accepted.
  • A copy of current cosmetology license. The license must be active and in good standing in order to be accepted by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board. The license must remain active and in good standing until an Ohio license has been obtained.
  • For spouse only: Documentation that the applicant is a legal spouse of an active duty member military member. (i.e. copy of marriage license)
  • A copy of the military orders assigning a duty station in Ohio OR a copy of orders assigning a duty station outside of the United States with a notarized statement indicating that it is not suitable for a spouse to relocate to assigned area and spouse will be residing in Ohio during the deployment.
  • Copy of applicants current, valid driver’s license or state issued identification.