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Barbering Restoration

Please download the Reinstatement Request form, fill out the form, and email the completed form to: restoration@cos.ohio.gov.

Cosmetology Restoration

Cosmetology licenses issued by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board expire on January 31st of every odd numbered year.

If a renewal fee has not been received for two-consecutive renewal periods (4 years), the license will go into a LAPSED status.

To restore a lapsed license to an active status through the amnesty program, you will be required to pay all delinquent and current licensing fees. In addition, you must complete the required number of Continuing Education (CE) hours based upon the number of years in which your license has been lapsed.

Four (4) of the required CE hours must be in the subject area of infection control and safety.

CE hours are only valid if taken from a Board approved course provider. Please make sure that you receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of all CE classes.

An individual whose Ohio license to practice cosmetology or a branch of cosmetology has expired, but who holds an active license to practice cosmetology or a branch of cosmetology in another jurisdiction, may receive continuing education credit for courses completed in order to maintain the license in the other jurisdiction when seeking to restore the applicable, expired Ohio license pursuant to section 4713.63 of the Revised Code.

  • Upon an application to restore an expired Ohio license by an individual holding an active license in another jurisdiction, the board shall review the continuing education requirements of the jurisdiction where an individual holds an active license to determine equivalence with board requirements.
  • The board may require an applicant to complete any continuing education hours necessary to meet the board's continuing education requirements.

To locate a complete list of approved CE classes CLICK HERE.

To request an amnesty application and instructions for reinstating your license , download the Reinstatement Request form, fill out the form, then email the completed form to: restoration@cos.ohio.gov.